Frequently Asked Questions

What is your licensing and cost structure?

ExecutivePulse offers two licensing options: Enterprise Level and Seat User. The vast majority of our customers across North America are under Enterprise Level licensing. For an initial development and deployment fee, Enterprise Level licensing offers unlimited use to users within a specific geographic market area. The only other cost is a nominal annuity fee that is due on the anniversary of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment. Seat User pricing is only pertinent for large market areas that anticipate one or two users.

Not sure which option will work best for you and your business? Give us a call at 866-397-8573 or click here to contact us

Is ExecutivePulse specifically designed for economic development?

Yes. Our President and Founder, Laith Wardi, is a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and provides certification training for both the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute (OU EDI). Every member of our technical team has significant and critical experience in this industry, as they interact with thousands of economic development professionals every year.

Is the ExecutivePulse CRM System customized for our individualized needs?

Yes. We customize every CRM system we develop and deploy to meet the unique needs and circumstances of an organization, its economic development focus, and the market area at hand. No two ExecutivePulse CRM Systems are alike. We have a formal onboarding process that allows us to fully understand your goals, how you want to accomplish them, and how we can help you succeed.

Is technical support provided for the ExecutivePulse CRM System?

Yes. We offer 24/7 technical support for all customers within North America. Live technical support can be accessed using our toll-free service, by email, or within the ExecutivePulse CRM. The very same people who build each system are also the ones who provide technical support. With a deep understanding of database technology and economic development, we ensure you get the most out of ExecutivePulse.

What type of training do you provide for the ExecutivePulse CRM System?

We offer unlimited webinar training for every new and existing customer in North America. For new customers, we provide training in “building-block fashion” throughout two or three webinars.

These subsequent sessions start with basic features and functions and graduate to more advanced concepts. For existing customers, training is typically scheduled around the release of new CRM features and services or in response to staff changes within an organization.

Do you host the ExecutivePulse CRM systems?

No. We have long-standing strategic partnerships with large and technically advanced Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that host our dedicated database and web servers. They provide 24/7 support on their infrastructure and our server hardware, so they’ll resolve any hosting problems you may be experiencing quickly and efficiently. Our relationship with these hosts allows for seamless adjustments, so your focus remains on your business projects.

What hardware and software do I need to have to use the ExecutivePulse CRM System?

None. Executive Pulse CRM operates on a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS), so no additional hardware is required beyond your device. The only core requirements are:

  • Internet capable device (Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone)
  • Internet connection (Broadband, WIFI, Cell, etc.)
  • Up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.)

ExecutivePulse is a fully-hosted cloud solution that works with all major browsers and email providers, integrates with Microsoft and Adobe suites, and is accessible from nearly any mobile device.

I have existing business and customer data. How is that transferred into my ExecutivePulse software?

We offer complimentary data migration as part of our formal onboarding process. We also provide a robust and intuitive, “Data Importer” feature that allows designated users to independently import large amounts of external data into the ExecutivePulse CRM System with ease.

What features and functions are standard in the ExecutivePulse CRM System?

We designed the ExecutivePulse CRM System specifically for the three main focus areas of economic development:

  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Business recruitment and foreign direct investment

Many of our systems also feature functionality for workforce development, investor relations sites/buildings, disaster recovery, and more. We further customize each system for the specific market area, the customer’s needs, and the community's circumstances.

In addition to the central CRM system, we offer a companion mobile app for Android, Apple, Kindle, and Microsoft mobile operating systems. Downloading the app is simple, and its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for on-the-go work.

Keeping up to date and not missing critical connections is vital to what you do, and Executive Pulse knows that. That’s why we also offer an integrated package for Microsoft Outlook that allows calendar, contact, and email syncing between a mainstay platform and the ExecutivePulse CRM System.

How is data access controlled or segmented?

ExecutivePulse offers a variety of standard and customized “roles” that govern what each user can see and do within the ExecutivePulse CRM System. In addition to roles, we also provide geographic segmentation within trading areas, such as cities, metro areas, regions, provinces, and states. We also offer privacy settings that allow for strict confidentiality and group sharing.

How long does it take to develop and deploy my CRM system?

Typical system development and deployment occurs between one to three weeks. The complexity of a customer’s needs, as well as the extent of onboarding needed, determines this.

Do you have "best practices" examples that can help us to get started?

Yes. Many new and existing customers ask us for relevant examples of how other customers have set up their ExecutivePulse CRM Systems. We are happy to provide these examples and also refer you directly to best practice users.