ExecutivePulse CRM For Economic Developers

By Economic Developers, For Economic Developers

ExecutivePulse is the only customer relationship management (CRM) system developed by economic developers, for economic developers. We’ve created technology with a real-world understanding of the specific needs, opportunities, and challenges of our industry. ExecutivePulse offers a variety of customization options to ensure your CRM helps you work the way you want to -- achieving your mission critical community goals and organizational objectives.

Put simply: We build technology tools that make your job easier.

ExecutivePulse helps you organize customer intelligence, fortify customer relationships, and anticipate significant trends in your market.

Economic developers and public-sector agencies have used our CRM for:

  • Business Walks
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Downtown Improvement
  • Economic Gardening
  • Focus Groups
  • Green/Sustainable Initiatives
  • High-Speed Rail
  • Immigrant Workforce
  • International Business Development
  • Investor Relations
  • Landlord Registration
  • Loan Portfolio Monitoring
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Seminars & Events
  • Sites & Building
  • Small Business Counseling Sessions

We Focus On What Makes You Unique

Every community and economy is different. For that reason, a rigid, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to economic development software doesn’t work. ExecutivePulse can help you break down organizational silos and facilitate collaboration between your entire team of stakeholders. By incorporating flexibility into every feature of our CRM, we empower you to work the way you want to -- today and tomorrow.

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Easy-Data Entry

Whether you’re using a tablet, laptop, or desktop device, you’ll immediately understand how to navigate our intuitive "app interface." Furthermore, the atomization of our interface allows you to add features and functions as your needs evolve.

For instance, if you’re switching roles from BR&E specialist to FDI manager, you’re just a few clicks away from removing the features you don't need and adding the ones you do to take on your new role.

Easy-Data Entry
Powerful Analytics and Reports

Powerful Analytics & Reports

We offer a wealth of professionally formatted “one-click” reports. You can easily print these reports and export them into all major file formats. For more seasoned users, there are user-defined queries that provide incredibly powerful data analyses and offer a wealth of analytical communication, sharing, mapping, and automation options. Like the “one-click” reports, these user-defined queries are professionally formatted—without any need for further manipulation of data. You can use our analytics and reporting options to:

  • Create presentation-ready material
  • Eliminate time-wasting tasks
  • Gather quick graphs and charts

Integratable System & Other Features

We offer a companion mobile app that is available for free at Android, Apple, Kindle and Microsoft app stores. Our mobile app’s intuitive interface provides a suite of communication, management, and search features.

Do you use Outlook or Exchange for email? If so, we offer an optional add-in that allows you to sync calendar events, contacts, and email messages.

Furthermore, our support staff will be happy to migrate your existing data into ExecutivePulse. For DIY-ers, we offer a straightforward, integrated Data Import Tool feature.

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Integratable System & Other Features

Zero Interruptions

Zero Interruptions

All of our clients maintain the latest version of ExecutivePulse. Our system updates are automatically completed after-hours to ensure zero service interruption.

Before we make significant changes to the CRM System, we send alerts to users. Even with an aggressive upgrade schedule, our system availability is more than 99%.

Orientation & Training

At ExecutivePulse, we believe that knowledge paves the way for success. That’s why we educate every client on CRM best practices. As we integrate the ExecutivePulse CRM System into your organization, we provide webinar training and personalized guides to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our system. If any questions arise after the training is complete, our in-house technical support staff is available 24/7.

Orientation and Training
Your Strategic Partner: Offering an Integrated Solution

Your Strategic Partner: Offering an Integrated Solution

ExecutivePulse provides you with a complete, turnkey solution for all your CRM technology needs. From initial customization and deployment to full 24/7 support and webinar training, we’re here to help you position yourself for success. To find out more, contact us today for a demonstration.

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