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The consistent use of a CRM System requires a disciplined, transparent and accountable approach to work.

That said, a correctly designed, deployed and implemented CRM System can help you build a healthier, stronger community through successful economic development initiatives. If you’re interested in streamlining your organization’s processes, contact ExecutivePulse by filling out the form below.

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General Inquiries: (866) 397-8573 (866-EX-PULSE)

Technical Support: (866) 832-5465 (866-TEC-LINK)

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Training, Consultation, Presentations
Laith Wardi
Financial Inquiries
Linda Robbins

Software and Database Administration

Ryan Narpes
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Camilleri
Senior Database Administrator
Brayden Hayes
Software Developer
Keven McQueeney
Software Analyst
Julianna Kuemmerle
Software Analyst
Samantha Carter
Software Analyst