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Every day, the ExecutivePulse CRM System is used by thousands of economic development and allied professionals across North America. Our clients work in small communities, suburban markets, metro areas and provinces/states. To get a better sense of how the ExecutivePulse CRM System can help you, check out these case studies.

Province of Alberta Canada

Leading economic development network, Economic Developers Alberta sponsors the ExecutivePulse CRM for their members across the province. By and large, industry professionals in this region are using our platform for mainstay economic and workforce-development work. However, during the Calgary floods of 2013 and Oil Field wildfires in 2016, our CRM was used by the Economic Development Association (EDA) for disaster recovery work.

In addition, The Red Cross and local disaster-recovery officials logged all business-loss data into ExecutivePulse. Our analytics and reports were used to understand the financial disruption caused by the floods and fires.

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Birmingham Alabama Business Alliance

The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) uses the ExecutivePulse CRM System to track the progress of its 2020 Regional Strategic Plan. The BBA team can easily log completed tasks and activities under various strategic-plan focus areas. The BBA is also using ExecutivePulse for business retention and expansion (BR&E), investment/attraction, and a multitude of other mainstay economic development functions.

Province of British Columbia

The British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) provides our CRM to their members for a myriad of economic development functions, including:

  • Business Walks
  • Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E)
  • Investment/Attraction and Workforce Development

In the face of recent wildfires that swept through that province in 2017 and 2018, British Columbia used ExecutivePulse for disaster recovery work. Once again, the Red Cross and local disaster recovery officials logged business loss data into the system. ExecutivePulse’s analytics and reports were examined to understand the full scope of the financial and organizational disruption the fires caused.

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Fresno County California Economic Development Corporation

The Fresno County Economic Development Corporation is using ExecutivePulse to track business displacement that is resulting from the construction of a high-speed rail system in their community. The public-private organization is also using our CRM for business retention and expansion initiatives as well as other economic and community development work.

Philadelphia Works

This regional workforce development organization that serves the entire Philadelphia metro area uses ExecutivePulse for general client outreach and service delivery. This year, they are using the ExecutivePulse CRM for a demonstration program that is being conducted in conjunction with the Urban Land Institute. The pilot program, The American Apprenticeship Initiative, seeks to understand the correlation between extensive employer engagement and decisions about apprenticeship programs.

Southwest Michigan

The Cornerstone Alliance is using ExecutivePulse to communicate with the Small Business Administration’s education management information system for small business development center counseling and entrepreneurial services. They are also using the CRM for business retention and recruitment as well as membership management.

Province of Ontario Canada

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) employs an especially customized deployment of the ExecutivePulse CRM that supports their longstanding BR&E Program that serves mostly rural portions of the province. OMAFRA also uses our system’s business-retention features to track their “community projects” which have definitive start and end dates.

Their CRM also showcases customization that generates specific surveys for different industry sectors and geographic areas. This level of versatility goes to show that ExecutivePulse is definitely not a one-size-fits-all program. In any given year, there are dozens of active local and regional organizations throughout Ontario that are conducting BR&E projects using our CRM solution.

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania uses the ExecutivePulse CRM System as their primary database for economic development across its ten regions and 67 counties. Commonwealth officials can quickly generate local or statewide metrics and outcomes with the click of a button.

The system features customized functionality for economic development projects, events, and activity. Pennsylvania is also asset mapping hundreds of community and economic and workforce development organizations to enable local, regional, and state officials to create dynamically generated Resource Guides quickly. These guides provide at-a-glance information about various capital, workforce, and small-business services. Users can view this data at the local, regional or state level.

San Bernardino County California

County workforce staff utilizes the ExecutivePulse CRM System as part of their aggressive outreach to local employers. Staff members use tablet devices in the field to quickly enter company and workforce data. Reports and analytics are then generated to help county officials chart a path for the future.

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We practice what we preach. We actively use our CRM for customer demonstrations, sales, management, and billing. ExecutivePulse also documents and manages its own internal IT workflow from this CRM.